Paintings of India – A Brush with History

Eminent photographer Benoy K. Behl’s film The Paintings of India reveals the subtleties of the art tradition in the country writes Mitali Kar.

There is an air of hurried activity at Benoy K. Behl’s studio in New Delhi. The well-known lensman and art historian, best known for photographing the Ajanta paintings in their true colours, and the author of the Thames and Hudson published book The Ajanta Caves, is discussing the background score for a series of 26 documentary films to be aired on Doordarshan next year. Matthew Kurien, the computer artist is busy “cleaning up” images on the computer, while Latika Gupta, assistant director is sifting through heaps of transparencies. Sangitika Nigam, a fellow art historian, is coordinating the work. It may seem a long way until next year but Behl is in a hurry and one can’t blame him. He is covering 40 districts spread across eight states in only 45 days from the middle of October. Continue reading Paintings of India – A Brush with History