Phulkari art from Punjab-India

From the land of the Punjab come the beauteous phulkaris. With their delicate and dense patterning, the creations are closely associated with many festivals and rituals.


phulkari artA robust joie de vivre! Speak of Punjab and the canvas instantly springs to life – hard working people who celebrate their festivals with equal zest. A canvas which is as colourful as the art of phulkari.

in social and ceremonial gatherings, the piece de resistance of a woman’s attire is her phulkari, an embroidered length of cloth that may be draped as a shawl or head-cover. The term phulkari stems from phul, which means flower, and kari, which means work. So the name translates as flower making. The embroidery done with untwisted floss silk threads simulates the effect of brilliant, coloured flowers. The large drape of the phulkari, upto about 50 inches by 100 inches is spangled with motifs. Often detailed borders and end-panels define the textlile. Continue reading Phulkari art from Punjab-India