Pithoro Paintings-Tribal ritual paintings from Gujarat-India

The origins of Pithoro are obscure but as some scholars have suggested, it may have its roots in the early Aryan period.

Pithoro painting is not done for any decorative or ornamental purpose. Pithoro, or ‘Babo Pithoro’ as the tribals would call it, is an important deity in a region where several deities are worshipped. If someone, especially a young child or an unmarried girl is unwell or domestic animals are affected by an epidemic or if the land is not yielding enough- all believed to be signs of god’s anger or displeasure-the head of the family vows to provide a proper, respectable abode to Pithoro in his own home. He therefore gets Pithoro painted (or repainted, if there already is one) on the main wall, if and when he can afford the high cost involved. The main wall of the house is repaired or sometimes even reconstructed specially for Pithoro. Then, daily-for seven days-the wall surface is given a coating of plaster made from clay and dung. This is done by kumarikas or unmarried girls only The adjoining side walls are also replastered along with the main wall. Continue reading Pithoro Paintings-Tribal ritual paintings from Gujarat-India