Sanjay Kamble – watercolour landscape artist

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Sanjay V. Kamble was born in the tiny village of Vaduj Dist. Satara. He did reasonably well in school but found an inclination towards the Arts in his early years. He pursued his passion at the renowned JJ Art school in Mumbai, LS Raheja, Bandra School of Art and Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune, Maharashtra. He then started his professional career as a Freelance Illustrator doing caricatures for comics and all kinds of work for National and Multinational advertising agencies and newspapers in Mumbai. A one job assignment then took him all the way to Dubai. Since then he has been serving as a successful Art Director and a full-time freelance illustrator including finding time for his first love – painting. Continue reading Sanjay Kamble – watercolour landscape artist