Tanjore Art of India

The Tanjore School – This form is a grand admixture of Craft and Art. It is dominated by an iconic style that lays stress on pure colours and untinged mixtures. Special care is laid on ornamentation and background architectural frames which are slightly raised and yet relieved by the use of special paste and wrapped in ‘gold leaf’ after setting in stones of multiple hues. The principal figures in the paintings are Gods and Goddesses depicted in bold and larger than life proportions. Krishna in his many facets is a favourite as is the enigmatic Ganesha along with the bountiful Lakshmi and the erudite Saraswati. Depictions of Ranganatha, Shiva, Rama and other deities are fewer but with greater grandeur and complexity. Only the most talented and mature master artists can do justice to such intricate and complex compositions. These are much sought after by art collectors. Continue reading Tanjore Art of India